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#AR, #TECH Aurasama is quickly becoming the AR browsing platform of choice in Europe. Adoption in the US however has been very slow. As the AR industry adopts more open platforms Augmented Reality experiences will become ubiquitous. 

Here Universal Pictures brings King Kong to life in London’s Trafalgar Square.

#AR, #tech #AugmentedReality technology is advancing very quickly. Content is evolving from a “hokey magic act” to real-world commercial applications.

#ar, #tech, Marvel comics just released an app to augment their popular comics. It’s just the beginning. All published materials will be augmented in the coming years.

#AR #TECH #marketing, Interesting piece on the growing importance of AR in marketing.

#tech, #AR, I was given a preview of this new application last week and it is very cool.

By tracking two markers, both the face and the image, the user is immersed in a Formula 1 race.

Augmented Reality is moving toward the main stream as processing power grows.#augmentedreality, #AR

Augmented Reality glasses

Will we all be on-line, all the time wearing AR glasses?

It’s just as Neal Stephenson predicted in his 1992 novel, Snow Crash. His detective tracks a murderer through both the real world and the virtual world with the help of his on-line specs.