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#AR, SIP develops Augmented Reality apps that bring brands to life. We have been pleased to develop our upcoming Apple and Android apps, “Package Plus+” and “Print Plus+” leveraging the Aurasma AR platform. SIP is now an official Aurasma Development Partner.

      SIP, Stevens Interactive Productions delivers award winning content directly to users mobile phones and pads with the use of Augmented Reality apps. 

#AR, #tech.  Australian newspaper has begun using Augmented Reality to enrich the print experience….  Displaying a digital overlay on your phone, triggered by printed images can add layers of data and information to engage, inform and even identify the reader. 

#AR, #tech, Here’s a very practical use for Augmented Reality, visualizing planning and development….  Why not visualize the building proposals and bring blueprints to life?

This article from the Guardian shows how Europe leads the way in AR applications.

#AR, #TECH Aurasama is quickly becoming the AR browsing platform of choice in Europe. Adoption in the US however has been very slow. As the AR industry adopts more open platforms Augmented Reality experiences will become ubiquitous. 

Here Universal Pictures brings King Kong to life in London’s Trafalgar Square.

#AR #TECH #Augmented Reality campaigns rely on the consumers use of smartphones to take advantage of the AR technology. India has a very large base of smartphone users and marketers have begun to take advantage of this to deliver Augmented campaigns.

This piece from the Hindu Business Line discusses the effectiveness of AR in the Indian marketplace.

#AR, #tech #AugmentedReality technology is advancing very quickly. Content is evolving from a “hokey magic act” to real-world commercial applications.

#ar, #tech, Marvel comics just released an app to augment their popular comics. It’s just the beginning. All published materials will be augmented in the coming years.

#AR #TECH #marketing, Interesting piece on the growing importance of AR in marketing.

#tech, #AR, I was given a preview of this new application last week and it is very cool.

By tracking two markers, both the face and the image, the user is immersed in a Formula 1 race.

#tech, #AR Google Glasses are coming. While this first incarnation of HUD AR glasses is really just experimental. The technology will advance very quickly. Our children may look nostalgically at these rudimentary devices in the same way we marvel at a rotary phone.

Google Glasses?